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Tag: Jin-Woong Cho

Jesters The Game Changers (2019) BluRay 720p DTS x264-HDH

Posted on March 27, 2020 | No comments

Jesters: The Game Changers (2019)

Comedy | Drama | History

Deok Ho and his gang make ends meet by racketeering around the country. Han Myeong Hoe, King Sejo's right-hand man, thinks highly of their talents and encourages them to work for the country.

Starring: Jin-woong Cho, Son Hyun-joo, Hee-soon Park, Chang-Seok Ko, Seul-gi Kim, Yoon Park
Director: Joo-Ho Kim

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A Millionaire on the Run (2012) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on September 18, 2019 | No comments

A Millionaire on the Run / 5-baek-man-bool-eui Sa-na-i (2012)

Comedy | Drama

Choi Yeong-in works, together with his colleague Seung-dae, as a professional bag man for various important people in various sectors such as finance and media. His dream is however to become a professional singer. Then Seung-dae lets Choi Yeong-in know he's planning to blowing the whistle on his boss Han's illegal activities because he feels guilty.

Starring: Jin-young Park, Hyo-Rin Min, Sung-ha Jo, Hie-bong Jo, Jeong-se Oh, Jin-woong Cho, Kyeong-yeong Lee
Director: Ik-ro Kim

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Intimate Strangers (2018) BluRay 720p DTS x264-MTeam

Posted on May 10, 2019 | No comments

Intimate Strangers / Wanbyeokhan tain (2018)

Comedy | Drama

Four friends meet for the first time in a long time play a game that reveals each other's secrets.

Starring: Hae-jin Yoo, Jung-ah Yum, Jin-Woong Cho, Ji-Soo Kim, Seo-jin Lee, Ha-yoon Song, Kyung-ho Yoon, Ji Woo
Director: J.Q. Lee

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The Spy Gone North (2018) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on April 17, 2019 | No comments

The Spy Gone North / Operation / Gongjak (2018)


In the mid-1990s, a loyal South Korean secret agent is caught in a political vortex plotted by the ruling classes of North and South Korea.

Starring: Jung-min Hwang, Sung-min Lee, Jin-Woong Cho, Ji-Hoon Ju
Director: Jong-bin Yoon

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Believer (2018) BluRay 720p x264 DTS-HDChina

Posted on January 5, 2019 | No comments

Believer / Drug War / Dokjeon (2018)

Action | Crime

A police detective determined to catch the unseen boss of Asia's biggest drug cartel joins hands with a revenge-thirsty member of the gang.

Starring: Jin-Woong Cho, Jun-yeol Ryu, Seung-won Cha, Ju-hyuk Kim, Seo-Yeon Jin, Hae-Joon Park, Sung-ryung Kim
Director: Hae-yeong Lee

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