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Una lucertola con la pelle di donna (1971) 720p BluRay DD1.0 x264-SbR

Posted on March 24, 2016

Una lucertola con la pelle di donna / A Lizard in a Woman's Skin (1971)

Mystery | Thriller

Carol Hammond is the daughter of a prominant English politician who keeps having recurring "nightmares" in which she makes love to a bisexual nympho who lives downstairs and conducts all-night LSD orgies. When the nocturnal wet dreams become murderous, the neighbor turns up dead, and Carol is the main suspect. Did she actually commit the murder she dreamt about? Is she being framed by her philandering husband? Did Carol actually make nightly visits downstairs aside from borrowing the occasional cup of sugar? How Did Carol's letter opener end up stuck in the dead neighbor's chest anyway? The complex plot unfolds amidst red herrings, outlandish dream sequences, lesbian hanky panky, and ominous close-ups of Carol's guilt-ridden facial expressions every time someone mentions the murder. All this takes place in swinging late-1960's London…

Starring: Florinda Bolkan, Stanley Baker, Jean Sorel, Alberto de Mendoza, Silvia Monti, Mike Kennedy
Director: Lucio Fulci

IMDb Info


Size 7.40 GiB
Runtime 1:43:00
Bitrate 10000 kbps
Profile High@L4.1
Resolution 1280×688 (1.85:1)
Framerate 23.976 frames/s
Ref. Frames 9
Audio Italian AC-3 1.0 @ 192kbps
Subtitles (inbuilt) None


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