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Tag: Glenn Morshower

The Runners (2020) 720p WEB-DL DD+5.1 H.264-NTG

Posted on October 13, 2020 | No comments

The Runners (2020)

Action | Crime

When his little sister is abducted from a homecoming after-party in rural East Texas, Ryan is in a race against the clock to save her before she disappears into the underworld of sex trafficking forever.

Starring: Micah Lyons, Joey Loomis, Netty Leach, Tom Sizemore, Neal McCoy, Glenn Morshower
Director: Joey Loomis, Micah Lyons

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Curvature (2017) 720p WEB-DL DD+5.1 H.264-NTG

Posted on September 30, 2020 | No comments

Curvature (2017)

Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

CURVATURE is a time travel sci-fi drama about an engineer who travels back in time to stop herself from committing a murder.

Starring: Lyndsy Fonseca, Glenn Morshower, Alex Lanipekun, Noah Bean, Zach Avery, Linda Hamilton
Director: Diego Hallivis

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12:01 (1993) 720p WEB-DL DD+2.0 H.264-NTG

Posted on August 14, 2020 | No comments

12:01 (1993)

Comedy | Sci-Fi | Thriller

A man likes a woman at work. He sees her get murdered. He gets drunk and zapped at 12:01AM. Next morning she's back and everything is exactly like the day before. The time loops gives him chances to save her.

Starring: Jonathan Silverman, Helen Slater, Nicolas Surovy, Robin Bartlett, Jeremy Piven, Constance Marie, Glenn Morshower, Martin Landau
Director: Jack Sholder

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Color Me You (2017) 720p WEB-DL DD+2.0 H.264-iKA

Posted on December 19, 2019 | No comments

Color Me You (2017)

Drama | Family | Romance

Kat Abernathy must live up to her family name by attending law school and working for her family practice, until she is challenged to create a second identity for herself in order to pursue, defend and protect her passion as a painter.

Starring: Kaley Caperton, Morgan Roberts, Christina Burdette, Katie Walker, Donny Boaz, Buck Taylor, Glenn Morshower
Director: Marco Bottiglieri

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The Waiter (2010) 720p WEB-DL DD+5.1 H.264-iKA

Posted on December 11, 2019 | No comments

The Waiter (2010)

Action | Crime | Drama

A man travels through corporate corruption and his own sin to find his soul.

Starring: Charles Durning, Dan Lauria, Glenn Morshower, Robert Z'Dar
Director: Jason Konopisos-Alvarez

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Bomb City (2017) BluRay 720p DTS x264-MTeam

Posted on April 5, 2018 | No comments

Bomb City (2017)

Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller | Western

A crime-drama, about the cultural aversion of a group of punk rockers in a conservative Texas town. Their ongoing battle with a rival, more-affluent clique leads to a controversial hate crime that questions the morality of American justice.

Starring: Dave Davis, Glenn Morshower, Logan Huffman, Lorelei Linklater, Eddie Hassell, Henry Knotts, Dominic Ryan Gabriel
Director: Jameson Brooks

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Aftermath (2017) BluRay 720p DTS x264-CHD

Posted on May 24, 2017 | No comments

Aftermath / Secuelas / 478 (2017)

Drama | Thriller

Two strangers' lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash.

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maggie Grace, Kevin Zegers, Hannah Ware, Glenn Morshower, Scoot McNairy
Director: Elliott Lester

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When the Bough Breaks (2016) 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-HD4FUN

Posted on December 13, 2016 | No comments

When the Bough Breaks (2016)

Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

A surrogate mother harbors a deadly secret desire for a family of her own with the husband who is expecting to raise her child.

Starring: Morris Chestnut, Theo Rossi, Regina Hall, Glenn Morshower, Sue-Lynn Ansari, Jaz Sinclair
Director: Jon Cassar

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Flutter (2014) 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-HD4FUN

Posted on April 7, 2015 | No comments

Flutter (2014)


Johnathan is a nine-year-old boy who loves sea monsters, and his 300 lb. pet pig, named Wee Wee. Unlike most kids, Johnathan has nystagmus, which makes his eyes "flutter." He also suffers from severe narrow angle glaucoma; an acute condition that if untreated can lead to permanent blindness. JoLynn cares for Johnathan alone while her singer/songwriter husband David travels in search of his big break. To treat Johnathan, she grows hydroponic marijuana to relieve the painful intraocular pressure Glaucoma causes. She cooks the marijuana into brownies and feeds them to him in secret. David's parents, Mark and Linda, live nearby and provide for JoLynn and Johnathan as best they can on a fixed income. Linda is highly critical of JoLynn's ability to raise Johnathan. During her son's absence, Johnathan has become more undisciplined than Linda would like. While Mark tries to keep the peace, he is torn between his wife and their daughter-in-law, who he loves deeply. When JoLynn discovers that Linda is secretly mounting a case for legal custody of Johnathan, JoLynn is forced to forgo the support of her in-laws. The result is a spiral of desperate acts that force JoLynn to make a decision that will change Johnathan's world forever.

Starring: Lindsay Pulsipher, Glenn Morshower, Jesse Plemons, Charles Halford, Johnathan Huth Jr., Rex Linn, Charles Baker, Brad Leland, Reis Myers McCormick, Farah White
Director: Eric Hueber

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Backwards (2012) 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-HDB

Posted on August 19, 2013 | No comments

Backwards (2012)

Romance | Sport

When a fiercely competitive 30 year old rower fails to make the Olympic boat for the second time, she takes a coaching job at a school but struggles to adjust to life off the race course.

Starring: Sarah Megan Thomas, James Van Der Beek, Glenn Morshower, Margaret Colin, Wynn Everett, Alexandra Metz, David Alan Basche, Ellis Walding, Alysia Reiner
Director: Ben Hickernell

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