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Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) 720p BluRay x264-WiKi

Posted on May 5, 2012

Dragon Tiger Gate / Lung Fu Moon (2006)

Action | Drama

Tiger Wong is a highly skilled martial artist with a strong sense of justice. While eating at a floating restaurant, he chances upon a bully. Unable to stand by and watch him terrorize the victims he defeats the bully using his special move – Dragon Slaying Leg Eighteen. At the same time, he unwittingly grabs a gold medal. It turns out that this gold medal is the Lousha Death Plaque given by the leader of the Lousha Gate, Shibumi. Whoever owns the gold medal has the power to demand the full cooperation of Lousha Gate. Tiger, unaware of the medal's powers, is ambushed by the gang during his celebrations. As fate has it, he is saved by Dragon Wong, the bodyguard of one of the gangsters, who is sent to retrieve the medal.

Starring: Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Jie Dong, Xiao Ran Li
Director: Donnie Yen, Wilson Yip

IMDb Info


TAGLINE……………….: Dragon Tiger Gate
GENRE…………………: Action / Draman
IMDb RATING……………: 6.1/10 (3267 votes)
IMDb LINK……………..: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0482930/

ENCODER……………….: Louis Koo
RELEASE DATE…………..: 2012-05-04
RELEASE SIZE…………..: 4.37G
SOURCE………………..: Bluray

RUNTIME……………….: 1h:34m:19s
VIDEO CODEC……………: x264 @ 5350 Kbps
RESOLUTION…………….: 1280×544
FRAME RATE…………….: 23.976 fps
AUDiO CODEC……………: Cantonese DD 5.1 640 Kbps
AUDiO CODEC……………: Mandarin DD 5.1 640 Kbps

x264 [info]: profile High, level 4.1
x264 [info]: frame I:919 Avg QP:16.66 size:135109
x264 [info]: frame P:31488 Avg QP:20.16 size: 55416
x264 [info]: frame B:103290 Avg QP:22.91 size: 18542
x264 [info]: consecutive B-frames: 2.7% 3.3% 7.1% 26.2% 18.8% 36.7% 3.2% 1.0% 0.8%

Source vs. WiKi


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Comments (10)

  • I downloaded the movie again using another method, and this time it worked.
    I want to thank not only for the movie, and also for the patience to clear my doubts.

    Thank you so much.

    • glad to hear your problem is solved.

  • I downloaded the 5 parts by IDM and downloaded the latest version of winrar, and it did not work. None of the 5 parts opens. I usually use idm and winrar, and this is the first time this happens. It is very strange that all 5 parts have downloaded corrupted. I will try again.


  • Can I rename the files manually, or do I need to rename the files, Obligatorily, by Bulk Rename Utility?
    I renamed it manually – it's only 5 files – and I tried to extract it with the latest version of WinRAR and it did not work.

    The same error messages continued to appear.

    And when directly drag any part of the .ra files into WinRAR's main interface, WinRAR understands that I'm trying to add/zip the file.

    I did a test. I have some winrar files from another movie; I renamed them to .ra and tried to open them, they opened and extracted them without problem. Conclusion: The files from the movie "Dragon Tiger Gate / Lung Fu Moon (2006)" are corrupted. So, I would urge you, if possible, to download the files and confirm that they are corrupted, and then upload again. If you can not, I'll understand.

    Thank you very much.

    • just downloaded all 5 parts of .ra files locally. dragged one .ra file into WinRAR, and extracted to get the main movie file without problems.

      obviously, the problem is on your side. either the files you downloaded are corrupted, or something was wrong with the extraction.

      btw, i use the latest version of IDM and WinRAR.

  • I can open it with 7-zip, but when I try to extract it, it only extracts 973 mb.

    • please check the TIPS4U page to find how to deal with .ra files.

  • What program to unzip? When rename "ra" to "rar" and try to open, winrar says: "the file is in unknown format or damaged". When I try to extract it, it says: "no files found". What do I do?

  • Great up…thanks bro 😉

  • Thank you very much.

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