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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011) REPACK 720p FLAC2.0 x264-DON

Posted on July 5, 2012

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

Comedy | Documentary

From the billboards in Times Square to the barren streets of Sâo Paulo, documentarian Morgan Spurlock shines a light on the world of product placement, marketing and advertising through his new film, fully financed by the very product placement the movie explores on screen. Spurlock unmasks the marketing process, bringing audiences directly into the pitch meetings and marketing presentations which inform our everyday entertainment decisions.

Starring: Morgan Spurlock, Ralph Nader, Brett Ratner, Peter Berg, J.J. Abrams
Director: Morgan Spurlock

IMDb Info


RUNTIME………..: 1h:27m:49s
VIDEO CODEC…….: x264, Pass2, L4.1
VIDEO BITRATE…..: 7000 Kbps
RESOLUTION……..: 1280 X 690
FRAMERATE………: 23.976 fps
AUDIO………….: English FLAC2.0 @ 440 kbps
SUBS…………..: English.
CHAPTERS……….: Yes.
SOURCE…………: The.Greatest.Movie.Ever.Sold.2011.1080p.Blu-ray.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.2.0-WiHD
ENCODER………..: raphaex
RELEASE DATE……: 05/07/2012
NOTES………….: Sorry guys, fist encod i didnt get the english track of the source because on ac3 log i had this:
M2TS, 1 video track, 2 audio tracks, 1 subtitle track, 1:27:50, 24p /1.001
1: Chapters, 6 chapters
2: h264/AVC, 1080p24 /1.001 (16:9)
3: DTS Master Audio, French, 2.0 channels, 16 bits, 48kHz
(core: DTS, 2.0 channels, 16 bits, 1509kbps, 48kHz)
4: DTS Master Audio, Erzya, 2.0 channels, 16 bits, 48kHz
(core: DTS, 2.0 channels, 16 bits, 1509kbps, 48kHz)
5: Subtitle (PGS), French
I didnt even know that Erzya Language actualy existed! 😛
But it turned out that Erzya was the English track, so i'm sorry for this mess!

Source vs DON

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Comments (2)

  • Did you have any comments to this movie? I was curious because the sound doesn't seem to run synchroon with the images.

    • hi, did you download the previous release, or the REPACK one?

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