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Tag: Yihong Duan

Home Sweet Home (2021) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on September 11, 2021 | No comments

Home Sweet Home / Mi mi fang ke (2021)

Drama | Mystery | Thriller

A story that follows a family of four leading harmonious and contented lives. When a mysterious visitor starts residing in their basement, their lives are turned upside down as strange events begin to occur.

Starring: Aaron Kwok, Yihong Duan, Zifeng Zhang, Wei-Ning Hsu, Zishan Rong, Shengdi Wang
Director: Leste Chen

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The Looming Storm (2017) 720p BluRay DTS x264-HDH

Posted on November 28, 2018 | No comments

The Looming Storm / Bao xue jiang zhi (2017)

Crime | Drama | Mystery

A man who is laid off from a steel factory desperately wants to chase a serial killer in a small city in Southern China.

Starring: Yihong Duan, Yiyan Jiang, Yuan Du, Wei Zheng, Chuyi Zheng, Lin Zhang
Director: Yue Dong

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Extraordinary Mission (2017) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on June 25, 2017 | No comments

Extraordinary Mission / Fei fan ren wu / Lie ying (2017)

Action | Crime | Thriller

The film revolves an undercover police officer who attempts to take down a drug trafficking syndicate from the inside.

Starring: Xuan Huang, Yihong Duan, Yueting Lang, Feng Zu, Jiadong Xing
Director: Alan Mak, Anthony Pun

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White Deer Plain (2012) 720p HDTV DD2.0 x264-NGB

Posted on October 28, 2012 | No comments

White Deer Plain / Bai lu yuan (2012)

Drama | History

A woman (Kitty Zhang) enters White Deer Village and finds herself in a power struggle between two families over land ownership.

Starring: Fengyi Zhang, Kitty Zhang, Gang Wu, Yihong Duan, Taisheng Chen, Wei Liu, Tao Guo, Huanshan Xu
Director: Quan'an Wang

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I Do (2012) 720p HDTV x264-NGB

Posted on March 21, 2012 | One comment

I Do / Wo Yuan Yi (2012)

Comedy | Romance

Beijing, the present day. Tang Weiwei (Li Bingbing) is a well-educated, high-earning career woman who works as sales director for an image design company. Now 32, she has had only one love affair in her life, which lasted from the age of 18 to 25, and since then she has been very, very single, devoted to her career. Pragmatically deciding it is time to find a husband, her best friend Jin Xiaoling (Xu Jianing) arranges some blind dates, all of which turn out to be useless. However, during one group blind date she meets Yang Nianhua (Sun Honglei), a divorced, former owner of a publishing company, who gradually insinuates himself into becoming her confidant and friend. Weiwei is devastated to discover that Jim Wang, CEO of her company's new client, NASDAQ-listed jewellery firm Jinxiu, is in fact Wang Yang (Duan Yihong), the boyfriend who suddenly disappeared seven years ago after she'd supported him through hard times. Now Wang Yang has returned from the US to China as a wealthy businessman and is looking to patch things up with Weiwei. She, however, still can't forgive him, and Wang Yang also has to deal with the persistent Nianhua, whom Weiwei has put on a "trial period" as a potential husband.

Starring: Bingbing Li, Honglei Sun, Yihong Duan
Director: Zhou Sun

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