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Tag: Hayato Ichihara

School Meals Time Final Battle (2020) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on August 16, 2020 | No comments

School Meals Time: Final Battle (2020)


The year is 1984. School lunch-obsessed Yukio Amarida is in for a shock – the school lunch system is about to be abolished! Goh Kamino, a student engaged in a majestic lunch battle with Yukio to see who can eat their school lunch in the most "delicious way," declares that he will run for the student council presidential election with the aim of reforming the school lunch system. The new teacher Hitomi Misono tirelessly watches over the two as the battles between them unfold. After over a decade of dedication, Yukio now faces his biggest battle yet to protect his beloved school lunch!

Starring: Hayato Ichihara, Rena Takeda, Hiroyuki Sato, Hana Toyoshima, Tatsunori Tsujimoto
Director: Maya Ayabe

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Aircraft Carrier Ibuki (2019) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on July 23, 2020 | No comments

Aircraft Carrier Ibuki / Kubo Ibuki (2019)

Action | Drama | Thriller | War

Japan builds its first aircraft carrier, the Ibuki, to deal with escalating world tensions.

Starring: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Tatsuya Fuji, Jun Murakami, Hôshi Ishida, Shigeyuki Totsugi, Hayato Ichihara, Kinari Hirano
Director: Setsurô Wakamatsu

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Three Nobunagas (2019) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on May 30, 2020 | 2 comments

Three Nobunagas / 3 Nin no Nobunaga (2019)

Comedy | Drama | History

Warlord Oda Nobunaga has lost the battle in sixteenth century Japan and is currently being pursued by Ujinori Kanbara who was Yoshimoto Imagawa's vassal. Yoshimoto was slayed by Nobunaga and the former vassal is burning with the fires of revenge. Yet, success is seemingly tripled when he captures not one but three Nobunagas. Each prisoner claims to be the warlord.

Starring: Takahiro, Hayato Ichihara, Yoshinori Okada, Masahiro Takashima, Kazuyuki Aijima, Gôki Maeda, Nozomi Bandô
Director: Kei Watanabe

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The Blue Hearts (2017) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on March 4, 2018 | No comments

The Blue Hearts / Burû Hâtsu ga kikoeru (2017)

Comedy | Drama | Musical | Romance | Sci-Fi

An anthology of several short films by several directors where each has taken inspiration from a favourite song of his by the Japanese punk rock band. The segments include Be Kind to Others, Love Letter and A Boy's Song.

Starring: Hirofumi Arai, Towa Araki, Yôsuke Asari, Yû Fujisaki, Minori Hagiwara, Hayato Ichihara
Director: Noboru Iguchi, Ken Iizuka, Shin'ichi Kudô, Sang-il Lee, Takashi Shimizu, Ten Shimoyama

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Blade of the Immortal (2017) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on November 13, 2017 | No comments

Blade of the Immortal / Mugen no jûnin (2017)

Action | Drama

Manji, a highly skilled samurai, becomes cursed with immortality after a legendary battle. Haunted by the brutal murder of his sister, Manji knows that only fighting evil will regain his soul. He promises to help a young girl named Rin avenge her parents, who were killed by a group of master swordsmen led by ruthless warrior Anotsu. The mission will change Manji in ways he could never imagine – the 100th film by master director Takashi Miike.

Starring: Takuya Kimura, Hana Sugisaki, Sôta Fukushi, Hayato Ichihara, Erika Toda, Kazuki Kitamura, Chiaki Kuriyama
Director: Takashi Miike

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Lost and Found (2016) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on September 12, 2016 | One comment

Lost and Found / Hoshigaoka wadârando (2016)

Drama | Mystery

Atsuto was abandoned by his mother (Yoshino Kimura) when he was young. He now works in the lost and found department at the Hoshigaoka Station. He spends his days imagining about the owner of the lost item, how the item became lost and found. One day, Atsuto learns that his mother committed suicide. His life begins to move…

Starring: Tomoya Nakamura, Hirofumi Arai, Nozomi Sasaki, Masaki Suda, Anne Watanabe, Hayato Ichihara, Yoshino Kimura, Yutaka Matsushige
Director: Show Yanagisawa

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Yakuza Apocalypse (2015) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on November 6, 2015 | One comment

Yakuza Apocalypse / Gokudou daisensou (2015)

Action | Comedy | Horror

Akira admires Genyo Kamiura who is the most powerful yakuza. Genyo Kamiura has been targeted numerous times, but has never died. He is called the invincible person. Because of Genyo Kamiura, Akira enters the world of the yakuza. His yakuza colleagues treats him like an idiot, Akira can't even get tattoos because of his sensitive skin. Akira becomes disappointed in the yakuza world, because it's not like what he say in the movies. Especially, in terms of loyalty and charity depicted of the yakuza. An assassin is then sent to take out Genyo Kamiura. The killers know that Genyo Kamiura is a vampire.

Starring: Hayato Ichihara, Riko Narumi, Rirî Furankî, Reiko Takashima
Director: Takashi Miike

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700 Days of Battle Us vs the Police (2008) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on July 2, 2015 | One comment

700 Days of Battle: Us vs. the Police/ Boku tachi to chûzai san no 700 nichi sensô (2008)


After one of their group is caught for speeding a group of trouble-making teenagers decide to prank the local police officer. It starts with simple speeding pranks but gradually moves to more elaborate and bizarre pranks.

Starring: Hayato Ichihara, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Kumiko Asô
Director: Renpei Tsukamoto

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All About Lily Chou-Chou (2001) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on May 3, 2014 | One comment

All About Lily Chou-Chou / Riri Shushu no subete (2001)

Crime | Drama | Music | Romance | Thriller

Life isn't easy for a group of high school kids growing up absurd in Japan's pervasive pop/cyber culture. As they negotiate teen badlands- school bullies, parents from another planet, lurid snapshots of sex and death- these everyday rebels without a cause seek sanctuary, even salvation, through pop star savior Lily Chou-Chou, embracing her sad, dreamy songs and sharing their fears and secrets in Lilyholic chat rooms. Immersed in the speed of everyday troubles, their lives inevitably climax in a fatal collision between real and virtual identities, a final logging-off from innocence.

Starring: Hayato Ichihara, Shûgo Oshinari, Ayumi Ito, Takao Osawa, Miwako Ichikawa, Izumi Inamori, Yû Aoi, Kazusa Matsuda, Ryô Katsuji
Director: Shunji Iwai

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Dog X Police (2011) 720p BluRay x264 DTS-HDWing

Posted on April 4, 2013 | No comments

Dog × Police: The K-9 Force / Dog × police: Junpaku no kizuna (2011)


Yusaku Hayakawa (Hayato Ichihara) dreamed of one day becoming a detective. Instead, he now works as a trainer for police dogs at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. One day, Yusaku gets an Albino Shepherd named Shiro who others say can never become a police dog due to a genetic disorder. Nevertheless, Yusaku and Shiro become attached as Yusako trains Shiro to become a guard dog. Sometimes guard dogs are treated as equipement and other times required to become a human shield. Yusaku and female police officer Natsuki (Erika Toda) are against this. A series of explosions then take place…

Starring: Hayato Ichihara, Erika Toda, Shinnosuke Abe, Jun Murakami, Takanori Takeyama, Saburo Tokito
Director: Go Shichitaka

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