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Tag: Chieko Baishô

Only the Cat Knows (2019) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on November 10, 2019 | No comments

Only the Cat Knows / Hatsukoi: Otosan, Chibi ga Inaku Narimashita (2019)

Comedy | Drama | Romance

Masaru and Yukiko have been married 44 years. They have three children who live independently from them. Masaru and Yukiko enjoy their peaceful days, but, one day, Yukiko tells her daughter Naoko that she wants to divorce Masaru.

Starring: Chieko Baishô, Tatsuya Fuji, Mikako Ichikawa, Yuriko Hoshi, Ryuji Sato, Katsuya Kobayashi, Mantarô Koichi
Director: Shôtarô Kobayashi

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A Distant Cry from Spring (1980) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on July 7, 2015 | No comments

A Distant Cry from Spring / Haruka naru yama no yobigoe (1980)


In the vast expanse of an unforgiving land, Kazami Tamiko, a widow who lives only with her young son, struggles to make a living by running a small diary farm. Life is harsh, yet pleasurable when she finds a congenial companion, Tajima Kosaku. When Kosaku's mysterious past is finally revealed, Kazami resolves on a radical change…

Starring: Ken Takakura, Chieko Baishô, Hidetaka Yoshioka
Director: Yôji Yamada

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Hameln (2013) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on December 2, 2014 | One comment

Hameln / Hâmerun (2013)


A former principle (Nagatoshi Sakamoto) lives in a shut down elementary school. The ex-principle lives peacefully there, while repairing the old school. One day, a decision to dismantle the school is made. Noda (Hidetoshi Nishijima), a former student at the elementary school, comes back to town to work as a museum employee. He visits his former school to retrieve articles housed in the school. Noda also has a small secret about a time capsule buried at the school. The time capsule was buried during the last day for the school. Noda meets his former principle and also former teacher Ayako and her daughter Ritsuko (Chieko Baisho). While seeing them, Noda's memories of his school days come back. Ayako lived in a nursing home, but she is being moved to a large hospital in the next town. With her daughter helping her to move, she stops at her old school.

Starring: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Chieko Baishô, Nagatoshi Sakamoto, Kenji Mizuhashi, Hiroya Morita, Akiko Kazami
Director: Takushi Tsubokawa

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The Little House (2014) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on August 10, 2014 | One comment

The Little House / Chiisai ouchi (2014)


A woman looks back on her family's life in Tokyo before and during WWII. A maid arrives from the countryside to work for an upper middle class family. She fits in well, but everyone's emotions are stirred up with the arrival of a student.

Starring: Takako Matsu, Haru Kuroki, Takatarô Kataoka, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Chieko Baishô, Isao Hashizume
Director: Yôji Yamada

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Unico (1981) 720p BluRay DD2.0 x264-CtrlHD

Posted on July 26, 2014 | One comment

Unico / The Fantastic Adventures of Unico (1981)

Adventure | Animation | Family | Fantasy

Unico the magical Unicorn is born with incredible powers that make people happy. But that angers some very jealous gods. They order the West Wind to cast the tiny Unicorn into exile and thus begins Unico's amazing adventures. He's whisked away to the Land of Mist on the Edge of the Earth where he teaches the meaning of friendship to Beezil. The pesky little Devil of Solitude. But Unico cannot stay. He journeys on to meet Katy a sad little kitty who dreams of becoming a witch. When Unico's magic transforms her into a beautiful girl she falls under the spell of a wicked count and a raging demon. Evil and hatred challenge Unico's powers of love.

Starring: Katsue Miwa, Ryouko Kitamiya, Kazuko Sugiyama, Junko Hori, Makio Inoue, Iruka, Taeko Nakanishi, Chieko Baishô
Director: Toshio Hirata, Osamu Tezuka

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It All Began When I Met You (2013) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on May 4, 2014 | One comment

It All Began When I Met You / Subete wa kimi ni aetakara (2013)


Six romantic stories unfold, all of which revolve around Tokyo Station just before Christmas.

Starring: Chieko Baishô, Masahiro Higashide, Tsubasa Honda, Miwako Ichikawa, Fumino Kimura, Nenji Kobayashi, Nene Ohtsuka, Azusa Okamoto, Rin Takanashi, Hiroshi Tamaki, Saburô Tokitô
Director: Katsuhide Motoki

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Howls Moving Castle (2004) BluRay 720p x264 3Audio-HDChina

Posted on November 20, 2011 | No comments

Howl's Moving Castle / Hauru no ugoku shiro (2004)

Action | Adventure | Animation | Fantasy | Romance

Sophie, a diligent teenage girl working in her family's hat shop, finds her life thrown into turmoil when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome-but-mysterious wizard named Howl. This innocent encounter engages the vain and conniving Witch of the Waste, who transforms into a 90-year-old woman. Sophie's efforts to break the curse bring her to Howl's magical moving castle, where she befriends Markl, Howl's apprentice, and the hot-headed fire demon Calcifer. Her love and support have a major impact on Howl, who can be maddeningly self-indulgent and singularly noble: He defies royal orders to participate in a meaningless war and risks his life to bring peace to the kingdom.

Starring: Chieko Baishô, Takuya Kimura, Tatsuya Gashûin, Akihiro Miwa, Ryûnosuke Kamiki
Director: Hayao Miyazaki

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