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Avatar EXTENDED Collectors Edition (2009) 720p BluRay x264 DTS-WiKi

Posted on March 12, 2022

Avatar (2009)

Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

A paraplegic Marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.

Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi
Director: James Cameron

IMDb Info


TAGLINE……………….: Avatar.Extended.Collectors.Edition
GENRE…………………: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
IMDb RATING……………: 8.4/10 (222,908 votes) Top 250: #73
IMDb LINK……………..: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0499549

ENCODER……………….: dong1010
RELEASE DATE…………..: 2010-11-17
RELEASE SIZE…………..: 12.0 GiB
SOURCE………………..: 1080p.Blu-ray.AVC.DTSHDMA5.1

RUNTIME……………….: 2h:58m:09s
VIDEO CODEC……………: x264: 2pass-L4.1 @ 8145 Kbps
RESOLUTION…………….: 1280×720
FRAME RATE…………….: 23.976 fps
AUDiO CODEC……………: English DTS @ 1.5 Mbps

x264 [info]: profile Main, level 4.1
x264 [info]: frame I:2078 Avg QP:14.45 size:186971
x264 [info]: frame P:68006 Avg QP:17.89 size: 81826
x264 [info]: frame B:186206 Avg QP:20.00 size: 25898
x264 [info]: consecutive B-frames: 2.3% 4.0% 19.0% 38.9% 13.2% 21.4% 1.2%

Source vs. WiKi


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Comments (34)

  • Hi there, any chance of a reup on this one? Thanks in advance.

    • re-uploaded with new extmatrix link & single rar file.

  • Warning to viewers: This release contains no subtitles.
    There are many key scenes which contain "Navi" (Avatar aliens) dialogue. There are no hard-coded subtitles for these.
    I was unable to find any subtitles release for this rip.

    • try subscene.com.

  • sorry, my mistake… it's all ok.

  • all links are down… can you please reupload it?
    thank you.

  • thanks

  • all link dead….can reupload this movies. thanks

    • the original rar files were blacklisted by netload.in, so i have to reupload new rar files with different file size. please be patient, it’ll be finished bu tomorrow!

    • all parts were reuploaded with new rar files, sorry for the dealy!

  • Part 1,2,3 and possibly all links are dead. Could you do re-up?

    • all parts were reuploaded!


    Code: ER_NFF_030520121221
    Possible causes:
    * Typo in the link
    * The file was deleted by its owner.
    * The file was deleted / locked.
    these files have problem please check and fix theme or reupload

    • i don’t know which parts of files you mentioned. can you specific define? so that i can reupload for you.

  • Do you know if there are English subtiles available for the Navi parts only for this release?

    • i don’t know about the english sub. i am french, dude. lol!

  • oh my gosh, that was very fast, thank you millions!

  • part 23 and 28 of filesonic is not working i think. pls fix.

    • reuploaded!

  • Only thing "better" is the 1080p Version . . .
    Thanks for this . . .

    • untouched blu-ray disc is ‘better’, lol! but it’s too big!

  • This is the best version..agreed 😀
    Thanks a lot bro

  • i re- downloading this time and it work know,thanks note for your time

    • glad to hear that! sometimes your downloading isn’t complete. the file you downloaded is tiny smaller.

  • I use fileserve,filesonic and wupload

    • plz wait a moment. i am downloading from 4 different filehost.

    • hi, buddy. i just downloaded 2 times. 1st time is all from FileSonic. 2nd time is randomly picked from other 3 different filehost. i can extract correctly every time. so, i think you should check on your side.

  • Hi! I had completed download the 12gb movie and after i unzipped it,it said 6 files broken and 8 error.Could you please check, appreciate it.

    • hi, m8. plz tell me which filehost you used.

  • Haha, I will give you a result after i finish download 😀

  • Oh Thank, What Is different Betwen  EXTENDED Collectors Edtion and Normal version??

    • normal version is 162 mins, but the extender version is 178 mins. do u think which version is best? lol!

  • Oh my god 12gb . 

    • it’s EXTENDED Collectors Edtion, a best version ever. i think it’s worth 12 gb. u could check the screenshot, it’s amazing!

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