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Tag: Jin-woong Jo

The Handmaiden (2016) EXTENDED 720p BluRay DTS x264-HDS

Posted on July 17, 2017 | No comments

The Handmaiden / Ah-ga-ssi (2016)

Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller

A woman is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress, but secretly she is involved in a plot to defraud her.

Starring: Min-hee Kim, Jung-woo Ha, Jin-woong Jo, Tae-ri Kim, Hae-suk Kim, So-ri Moon
Director: Chan-wook Park

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Salut dAmour (2015) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on May 20, 2016 | No comments

Salut d'Amour / Jang-su Sahng-hoe (2015)

Drama | Romance

Sung-chil is a grumpy 70-year-old man who lives alone and works part-time at the local supermarket. Jang-soo, owner of the supermarket and president of the city's redevelopment project, has been trying in vain to get Sung-chil's signature (he's the last hold-out and the only reason for the project's delay), but Sung-chil stubbornly refuses any change to his lifestyle. Then he meets his new neighbor Geum-nim, a feisty yet friendly elderly lady who runs the flower shop next door. Despite his age, Sung-chil is inexperienced and clumsy at romance so the entire town cheers him on and helps him court her. But Geum-nim's daughter Min-jung disapproves of the relationship.

Starring: Geun-hyeong Park, Yeo-jeong Yoon, Jin-woong Jo, Ji-min Han, Chan-Yeol Park
Director: Je-kyu Kang

IMDb Info

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Assassination (2015) 720p BluRay x264 AC3-WiKi

Posted on November 19, 2015 | No comments

Assassination / Am-sal (2015)

Drama | History | Thriller

Set in the 1930s during Japan's colonial rule of Korea, many Korean resistance activists are based in China while hiding from Japanese authorities. In 1933, orders are given to assassinate a Japanese army commander. For this covert mission, interim government agent Yeom Seok-jin breaks out topnotch sniper Ahn Ok-yun from a Shanghai prison, where she's been sentenced to death. Among her comrades are mysterious and ruthless gun-for-hire Hawaii Pistol and his right-hand man Pomade, and firearms specialist Soksapo (meaning "rapid-fire gun"). The squad arrives in Gyeongseong not knowing that Hawaii Pistol is secretly working for the Japanese and was given his own orders to kill Ahn Ok-yun.

Starring: Ji-hyun Jun, Jung-jae Lee, Jung-woo Ha, Jin-woong Jo, Duek-mun Choi, Dal-su Oh
Director: Dong-hoon Choi

IMDb Info

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The Admiral Roaring Currents (2014) 720p BluRay x264 DTS-WiKi

Posted on April 15, 2015 | No comments

The Admiral: Roaring Currents / Myeong-ryang (2014)

Adventure | Biography | War

At the strait known as 'Roaring Currents', master strategist Admiral Yi and his 12 battleships oppose an enemy fleet of 330, and win an incredible victory.

Starring: Min-sik Choi, Seung-ryong Ryu, Jin-woong Jo, Myung-gon Kim, Ku Jin
Director: Han-min Kim

IMDb Info

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Hwayi A Monster Boy (2013) BluRay 720p DTS x264-CHD

Posted on April 6, 2014 | No comments

Hwayi: A Monster Boy / Hwayi: Gwimuleul samkin ahyi (2013)

Action | Thriller

A boy with five fathers who is attached to the criminal underworld. A sinister past is about to be revealed as he is forced to join the killing spree.

Starring: Yun-seok Kim, Jin-gu Yeo, Jin-woong Jo, Hyeong-seong Jang, Seong-gyoon Kim, Hae-jun Park, Ji-Eun Lim, Ji-hyeon Nam
Director: Joon-Hwan Jang

IMDb Info

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The Guard Post (2008) BluRay 720p AC3 x264-CHD

Posted on February 5, 2012 | 2 comments

The Guard Post / GP506 (2008)


Focuses on a mysterious massacre that occurs in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) one rainy day. Twenty armed soldiers at a guard post have been mysteriously killed. One is left alive, but unconscious. The Defense Ministry dispatches an investigation team. Sergeant Major Noh Seong-gyu is given 24 hours to find the body of Yu Jeong-woo, who was in command of the guard post.

Starring: Hyun-jae Cho, Kyoo-Hwan Choi, Ho-jin Chun, Byeong-Cheol Do, Jin-woong Jo
Director: Su-chang Kong

IMDb Info

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