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Tag: Jay Chou

Secret (2007) 720p BluRay DTS x264-HDS

Posted on July 17, 2017 | No comments

Secret / Bu neng shuo de. mi mi (2007)

Drama | Fantasy | Music | Romance

Ye Xiang Lun, a talented piano player is a new student at the prestigious Tamkang School. On his first day, he meets Lu Xiao Yu, a pretty girl playing a mysterious piece of music.

Starring: Jay Chou, Lun-mei Gwei, Anthony Wong, Kai-Syuan Tzeng, Devon Song, Jun Lang Huang, Yuri Chan, Chase Chang
Director: Jay Chou

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The Rooftop (2013) BluRay 720p DTS x264-CHD

Posted on November 16, 2013 | No comments

The Rooftop / Tian tai ai qing (2013)

Action | Comedy | Drama | Musical | Thriller

Gao and his friends are the happiest kids in the city of Galilee. Living on the rooftops of this bustling metropolis*sometimes life can be tough*but they still churn out songs all day*and dance under the stars at night. But when Gao meets his dream girl*a billboard beauty named Sian*fate takes him on a wild ride through the high and low parts of the town he loves

Starring: Jay Chou, Alan Ko, Eric Tsang, Fan Xu, Xueqi Wang, Hsin Ai Lee, Kenny Bee
Director: Jay Chou

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Kung Fu Dunk (2008) 720p BluRay x264 DTS-WiKi

Posted on September 10, 2012 | No comments

Kung Fu Dunk / Gong fu guan lan (2008)

Comedy | Sport

Shi-Jie (Jay Chou) grows up in a martial arts school and he is well versed in kung-fu. With his skills and his good reflexes, Shi-Jie also excels in basketball, especially the slam dunk technique. On the pretext of helping Shi-Jie find his family, Wang-Li (Eric Tsang) invites him to join the university's basketball team in hopes of making money out of him.

There Shi-Jie faces new challenges on the basketball team, especially with team mates Ting- Wei (Bo-Lin Chen) and Xiao-Lan (Baron Chen). With the upcoming championship games and the appearance of Li-Li (Charlene Choi), the team must put aside their differences and personal emotions to face their common rivals.

Starring: Jay Chou, Eric Tsang, Gang Wang, Charlene Choi, Bo-lin Chen, Chu-he Chen
Director: Yen-ping Chu

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Jay Chou The Era World Tour (2010) BluRay 720p AC3 x264-JOMA

Posted on June 17, 2012 | No comments

Jay Chou The Era World Tour (2010)


The hotly anticipated Jay Chou The Era 2010 World Tour took off at the Taipei Arena on June 11. It was Jay's first world tour in three years, and his first concert at the symbolic venue. Add to it the fact that he has released 10 albums that pushed the boundaries of Mando-pop time and again since his debut 10 years ago, Jay had every reason to make his latest show the most spectacular live concert experience ever.

Starring: Jay Chou

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The Green Hornet (2011) 720p BluRay x264 DTS-WiKi

Posted on May 13, 2012 | 6 comments

The Green Hornet (2011)

Action | Comedy | Crime | Thriller

Following the death of his father, Britt Reid, heir to his father's large company, teams up with his late dad's assistant Kato to become a masked crime fighting team.

Starring: Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz, Tom Wilkinson, Christoph Waltz
Director: Michel Gondry

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Initial D (2005) 720p BluRay x264-WiKi

Posted on April 26, 2012 | One comment

Initial D / Tau man ji D (2005)

Action | Crime | Drama | Teen | Thriller

Based on a popular manga by Shuichi Shigeno, Initial D is a high-octane movie about the world of downhill mountain racing. Takumi Fujiwara is an average high-school student who has honed his driving skills while making late-night deliveries for his father's tofu restaurant. When he has an inadvertent run-in with one of the area's top racers, Takumi finds himself thrust into the world of mountain racing and is soon duking it out for top honors in a series of daredevil downhill races. Thrilling and adrenaline-fueled, the anime is presented in its entirety with this collection of episodes.

Starring: Jay Chou, Shawn Yue, Shawn Yue, Edison Chen, Anthony Wong, Anne Suzuki, Jordan Chan, Chapman To, Kenny Bee, Tsuyoshi Abe
Director: Andrew Lau, Alan Mak

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The Viral Factor (2012) 720p BluRay x264 DTS-WiKi

Posted on March 23, 2012 | One comment

The Viral Factor / Jik zin (2012)

Action | Drama

Jon and Yeung are two brothers, who due to family circumstances, are led down different paths in life – one of them a recalcitrant criminal and the other an Interpol agent.

Starring: Carl Ng, Nicholas Tse, Bing Bai, Jay Chou, Andy On
Director: Dante Lam

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Curse Of The Golden Flower (2006) BluRay 720p DTS x264-CHD

Posted on December 2, 2011 | 5 comments

Curse of the Golden Flower /  Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia (2006)

Action | Drama | Romance

'Curse of the Golden Flower' fuses high drama and romantic intrigue with the best of contemporary martial arts. Set in the lavish and breathtakingly colorful world hidden from the eyes of mere mortals behind the walls of the Forbidden City, a tale of a royal family divided against itself builds to a mythic climax as lines are crossed, trust is betrayed, and family blood is spilled in the quest for redemption and revenge.

Starring: Yun-Fat Chow, Li Gong, Jay Chou, Ye Liu, Jin Chen, Dahong Ni, Junjie Qin, Man Li
Director: Yimou Zhang

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